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#1: "FARC Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Peace Process"

This short video documents a 2017 meeting between demobilizing FARC commanders, black community leaders and international activists in Cauca, Colombia. The discussion centers around Colombia's post-conflict peace process and its implications for black communities in the region. I shot part of the video and was responsible for all editing. Because of potential risk posed to some community leaders pictured within, I decided not to publish the video publicly. 

(Note: Please do not share the viewing password with anyone outside of WOLA)

#2: "Legendary Cyphers: A 360° Documentary"

"Legendary Cyphers: A 360° Documentary" is about Union Square’s weekly freestyle hip-hop gathering. It was nominated Best Documentary at the 2017 Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem and was screened at the 2017 Urban Films Festival in Paris. It will also screen at the New Orleans Film Festival in October 2019. I was the driving force behind the production of this documentary, recording audio and video in the field, editing the entire film, and facilitating the distribution of the finished work at various film festivals and online.

(Note: 360° videos are best viewed on Google Chrome or the Youtube Mobile app)

#3: "Closure: The Sean Evans Case"

This podcast teaser was part of my senior thesis at The New School. The story emerged from a project analyzing a live database operated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and revolves around a boy who went missing in 1984 – and his family's struggle to find closure. Along with my reporting partner, Twisha Zaveri, I visited the boy's hometown to interview family members, detectives and a stubborn public records officer. I was responsible for most audio recording and all editing. 

ClosureSean Evans
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#4: "Patent Applications in Africa (2000-2014)"

This data visualization was an assignment for my Visualizing Data course at The New School, taught by ProPublica's Scott Klein, who later hired me to work on the award-winning Electionland project. After consulting with Sara Moyo, a leading Intellectual Property lawyer in Zimbabwe, I obtained a publicly available dataset from the World Intellectual Property Organization and used Adobe Illustrator to visualize a small portion of the data. 

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